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Simple interest notes pdf- Simple Interest math pdf notes, simple interest questions with solutions Hello students, as you all know that questions related to simple interest are asked in competitive examinations, which are from at least 2 marks to 5 marks, for which we have Below you are given some questions and formulas and tips to solve them.

This simple interest is mostly asked in competitive exams related to SSC and bank.


Simple Interest Math pdf Notes

Students, to solve the questions related to simple interest, you need to remember some important things which are as follows-

  • Principal : – It is the money which a person takes in loan from any other person or bank or other financial institutions. Its sign is P.
  • Time : – The money taken in the form of loan is day after a certain period, this period is called time, the sign is t.
  • Rate: – Every loan is given at a fixed rate, which is usually expressed in percentage. The sign is r.
  • Interest :- The borrower pays some more amount in addition to the principal after the end of the time, this extra amount is called interest. The sign is I.
  • Amount :- It is the entire amount which is to be returned by the borrower, it includes both principal and interest.

something to note

  • Simple interest has a proportional relationship with P, r and t.
  • When only P is changed by n or by x% (increasing incidence) then SI also changes by the same ratio. For example, if P is doubled, then SI will also be doubled. If it is increased by 40% then SI will also increase by 40% if r and t are constant.
  • When P is multiplied by m times, r is multiplied by n and t is increased or decreased by P times, then SI will increase or decrease by (m × n × P) multiplication respectively.

Students, below, we have provided a chapter-related questionnaire for you, which all of you students can download and practice, and tricks have also been given for each question and along with the trick, solving some questions is also shown.

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Simple Interest Math pdf in Hindi

Students, you can go to the link given below to get simple interest math problems pdf and simple interest related questions.

Simple Interest Questions and Answers pdf in Hindi Click Here
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