India and World Geography Book PDF By Majid Husain and Dr. Khullar

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India and World Geography Book PDF By Majid Husain and Dr. Khullar. India and World Geography Book PDF is a useful book for all those students who are preparing for SSC Exam, Banking Exam, Railway Exam or any other competitive examination like Union Public Service Commission or State Public Service Commission Examination to prepare for their Geography subject. This book will prove to be very useful for us, this book will help a lot in understanding the geography of India and the geography of the world.

India and World Geography Book PDF

Indian Geography can be divided into three – Physical Geography, Economic Geography and Social Geography. The major sub-topics under Physical Indian Geography are Physio-graphic divisions, Drainage, Climate, Vegetation, Natural Resources etc. Topics related to environment like Wild-life, Soil, Flora etc should be given stress too. Economic and Social Geography related aspects of Indian Geography should be studied in parallel to Physical Geography. Tip: NCERT Books will turn really handy for preparation of Economic and Social Geography.

  1. World Geography: World Geography by Majid Husain
  2. Physical Geography: Physical Geography by Savindra Singh
  3. Human Geography: Human Geography by Majid Husain

Physio-graphic regions

  1. Mountains (Himalayas).
  2. Northern Plains.
  3. Peninsular Plateau.
  4. Coastal Plains.
  5. Islands.


  1. Himalayan Rivers.
  2. Peninsular Rivers.

Climate + Four Seasons of India

  1. Hot Weather Season.
  2. Advancing Monsoon.
  3. Retreating Monsoon.
  4. Cold Weather Season.


  1. Tropical Rain-forest.
  2. Tropical Deciduous Forests. (Monsoon Forests)
  3. Mountain Vegetation.
  4. Desert Vegetation.
  5. Marshy land Vegetation.

Natural Resources

  1. Minerals including Petroleum and Natural Gas.
  2. Wild Life.
  3. Forests.
  4. Water.
  5. Soil.

Human Geo: Economic Geography

Study in detail about the economic activities related to Agriculture, Industries and Services in different areas of India. Learn how the geography of a region affects the economic prosperity of the same.

Human Geo: Social Geography

Learn more the details like Demographics, poverty, hunger, literacy rates, unemployment etc. from a geography perspective.

Geography of India Book PDF

  1. Introduction
  2. Physical Features of India
  3. Rivers in India
  4. Climate
  5. Rainfall Pattern
  6. Soils
  7. Natural Vegetation
  8. Irrigation
  9. Transportation

Geography of World Book PDF

  • Introduction to Geography of India
  • India's International Borders and Neighboring Countries
  • islands of india
  • Indian river system
    • Ganges river system
    • Brahmaputra river system
    • Indus river system
  • Major Passes of India
  • Himalayan mountain range
  • mountains of india
    • mountains of peninsular india
    • plateau of peninsular india
  • grounds of india
  • rivers of south india
    • Rivers that fall into the Arabian Sea of ​​South India
  • Major Lakes of India
  • Major Waterfalls of India
  • national road transport system of india
    • National Highway Numbering Process
    • Golden Quadrilateral Project
    • North-South and East-West corridor
  • Solar System
  • Atmosphere of Earth
  • types of rocks
  • geologic rocks found in india
  • Important Steel Plants of India
  • Major Minerals of India, their Mines and States
  • mineral wealth in india
    • metallic minerals in india 
      • iron ore in india
      • Manganese, bauxite and gold deposits in India
      • India's reserves of lead, zinc, copper and silver
      • Chromite, Nickel and Tin deposits in India
    • non-metallic minerals in india 
      • non-metallic minerals in india
    • Energy Minerals in India 
      • Atomic power mineral deposits in India
      • coal reserves in india
  • Indian climate
  • Meteorology of summer season
  • south west monsoon
  • winter rain
  • Withdrawal of Monsoon (Returning Monsoon)
  • Rain Shadow Zone and Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)
  • Origin of cyclones in India
  • Introduction to Natural Flora of India
  • Soil Composition
  • types of soil of india
  • Multipurpose Projects of India
  • Major Dam Projects of India
  • agriculture in india
  • Major food crops of India
  • Major Pulses and Oilseeds Crops of India
  • Major Cash Crops of India
  • Petroleum Resources in India
  • oil refining in india
  • Name and state list of refineries in India
  • Natural Gas Resources in India
  • Introduction to India's Electrical Energy Sources
  • Classification of energy
  • hydropower in india
  • nuclear power in india
  • rail transport in india
  • internal water transport in india
  • ports of india
  • tribes living in india
  • Geography of Asia
  • Geography of South America
  • geography of europe
  • Geography of North America
  • geography of africa
  • geography of australia
  • major rivers of the world
  • ocean currents

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World Geography Book PDF Download

Indian and World Geography Book PDF in Hindi

Indian Geography Book PDF in Hindi

World Geography Book PDF in Hindi

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