CCC Book PDF Computer Awareness Download

CCC Book PDF Computer Awareness 2021 Download In view of the increasing use of computers across the world, as per the decision of the Government of India, it has become necessary for all the candidates appearing in the examination related to Clarke to qualify the CCC exam. Keeping this in mind, we are bringing this book ccc book pdf Computer Awareness to all of you competitive candidates, in which answers are available from all the questions related to ccc.

Hello friends, CCC Question and Answer books are specially prepared for ccc but this book along with ccc also presents information about Computer General Awareness to all you competitive candidates. This book is very important for the candidates preparing for Group C Village Development Officer SSC Bank LIC-AAO Railway and other competitive examinations of the Government of Uttar Pradesh .


CCC Book PDF Computer Awareness

Friends, it is very important to have knowledge of general knowledge of computer because the questions asked in the examination of course of computer concept pdf are based on computer gk only. In which most of the candidates are not able to pass with good grades due to lack of knowledge of computer gk and even after successful in all other preparations they are not selected.

This book is very useful for both the competitive candidates appearing for ccc nielit or ccc doeacc exam. The question papers of both the institutes are the same, so study this book very carefully for all the competitive candidates, all the facts given in this book are very useful. You will get a good category in the exam. All questions in CCC exam are objective and there is no negative marking in it and results are declared in category wise A/B/C/D. In which category A consists of candidates with above 70% marks and category D candidates with up to 50% marks.

This book is for all such competitive candidates who have done their remaining preparations very well but due to lack of knowledge of computer, they are not able to get selected even after getting good marks in all their other examinations.

CCC Book PDF Computer Awareness

Friends, all of you competitive candidates must download this computer awareness and get information related to computer gk. In this English ccc material, all the information about computer has been given in very simple and easy words, even after reading it once, you will understand the answers to many questions related to your ccc. Click on the download link to download CCC Book PDF Computer Awareness 2018

The book contains the following chapters:-

  • Introduction of Computer
  1. Characteristics of computer
  2. History of computer
  3. Generation of computer
  4. Types of computer
  5. Fundamentals of computer
  • Basic Computer Organisation and and data processing cycle
  1. Primary memory
  2. Secondary memory
  • Computer peripherals
  1. Input device
  2. Output device
  • Operating system
  1. Where structure of operating system
  2. Functions of operating system
  3. Type of operating system
  4. Other terms related to operating system
  • Software
  1. System software
  2. Application software
  • Computer language
  1. Low level languages
  2. High level languages
  3. Object oriented programming
  4. Other related terms
  • Memory storage units
  • Number system
  • Logic gates
  • Database management system
  1. Architecture(levels of data abstraction in in DBMS)
  2. key in DBMS
  • Microsoft Office
  1. Word
  2. Excel
  3. PowerPoint
  • File extension
  • Computer network
  1. The first component of a computer network are
  2. Types of computer network
  3. Network architecture
  4. Other terms used in network
  5. Network topology
  • Open system interconnection model (OSI model)
  1. Layers in the OSI model
  2. TCP/IP model
  3. Data transmission models
  4. Data transmission media
  5. Network devices
  • Internet
  • Computer hacking
  • List of of observations

CCC Book PDF Computer Awareness Download

Computer Awareness CCC Book pdf Click Here

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